MKM Maltaş General Manager Süleyman Maltas, “In other developed countries, this ratio is 4 percent.

25 December 2012 Tuesday 08:32

MKM Maltas General Manager Süleyman Maltas gave knowledge that the share of the Turkish Mining industry in the Turkish Gross National Income is about 2 and a half percent, and he said that “In other developed countries, this ratio is 4 percent. Our goal is to bring the mining industry to the deserved level. For this reason, we will speed up export activities”. Süleyman Maltas explained that they (As MKM Maltas,) produce micronized mineral grinding, industrial raw materials and chemical industry salt production and added “We have met raw material needs of companies that are leaders in the sector on a regional basis, as being processed products and semi-finished products. Owing to magnesite mine situated around the province, our company's market share has increased and our company has announced its reputation both in Turkey and in Europe. We have 200 thousand tons of ore processing capacity. Exports constitutes 35 percent of our endorsement.”

Maltas said that they planned speeding up their export activities and added that “Nowadays, exports are as easy as sending materials to neighbour cities. This shows that the indication of the stability in our country. We exported 25-30 containers on average per month in 2012. As an exporting company, our most important concern is that the lack of convenience in container transportation such as customs and logistics centre. In 2013, we will be able to carry out a higher quality export and a less costly shipment with their starting to activity.” Maltas said that the company's investment plans about magnesite ore for the future are continuing, and added “We aim to be a focus company for magnesium in Turkey and around the world with the completion of the investments of the facilities which will meet the needs of the sectors that demand magnesium oxide and magnesium salts products. Magnesite is the major part of our exports on magnesium sulphate and magnesium oxide. In addition to our current products, we aim to produce products such as boron which are required by the industry.”

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