Magnesium Sulfate Anhydride

MAGNESIUM SULPHATE ANHYDRATE is the water-soluble form of magnesium mineral. It has a white crystal appearance. Besides being used as a fertilizer, magnesium sulphate is used in large quantities of detergent, sourdough and dry chemical fertilizer mixtures.

Magnesium, another mineral that a healthy plant needs, is the building block of chlorophyll molecules in leaves. Anion-cation balance and PH values ​​in the leaves of a plant that can take a sufficient amount of magnesium from the soil are realized at the desired level. The plant, which is capable of healthier photosynthesis, provides the maximum benefit from sunlight and develops accordingly. It provides long-lasting, vibrantly colored vegetables and fruits. It protects against diseases by increasing the resistance of leaves. Especially in sandy soils and long-term potassium, calcium and ammonium fertilizers, a very serious magnesium deficiency has been detected.