MKM Maltaş General Manager Süleyman Maltaş said, “In other developed countries this rate is 4 percent.

The mining industry of Turkey that the information that around half of the 2 percent share of the Gross National Product MKM Maltas General Manager Süleyman Maltas, "this rate is 4 percent in other developed countries. Our goal is to bring the mining sector to the level it deserves. For this purpose, we will accelerate the export activities. Bu . We supply the raw material needs of the companies that are leaders in their sector on a regional basis as processed products and semi-finished products,. Said MKM Maltaş as manufacturing micronized milling, industrial raw materials and chemical industry salts. Especially in our city limits of magnesite ore have increased the company's market share as intense, Turkey has provided both heard the name in Europe. We have 200 thousand tons of ore processing capacity. 35 percent of our turnover is exports,. He said.

Maltaş said that they are planning to accelerate their export activities. This situation is an indicator of the stability in our country. In 2012, we exported 25-30 containers per month on average. As an exporter company, our most important problem is the lack of convenience in container transportation such as customs and logistics center. In 2013, we will have a higher quality export loading and more cost-free shipment. Maltas indicating that the relevant investment plans with the future of the concentrations of manganese ore, "R & D work is also ongoing industrial and agricultural applications of magnesium salt products, magnesia demand with the sector of the completion of the investment facility to meet the needs of Turkey and focus on companies related to magnesium in the world We aim to be. Magnesite, magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide are the major part of our exports. In addition to our existing products, we aim to produce end products such as boron, which the industry needs olan.